Holistic dentistry or alternative dentistry is a form of dentistry that stresses the importance of considering the entire physical, spiritual and emotional health of an individual while offering dental care. It is also called biocompatible dentistry in that it uses materials that integrate well with your body’s chemistry. It is also referred to as green or organic dentistry because the doctors who practice it are conscious of the patients and their environment. Therefore, the practice makes use of technology and products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Holistic dentistry is based on the belief that there is a great connection between oral and general treatment. Hence, oral treatment cannot be done effectively without considering the health of the entire body. This is because our teeth are intertwined with our cardiac, cognitive and respiratory health. For instance, preventing malocclusion that is popularly known as bad bite, improves your quality of sleep and minimizes shoulder and neck pains, earaches and TMD-associated migraines.

This treatment has strong stands against using amalgam in materials used to make fillings, belief that root canal is hazardous to the systemic health of a person by the diffusion of the trapped dental bacteria to the rest of the body and nonsurgical solutions to gum disease. The communities who practice holistic dentistry also have strong objections against water fluoridation.


This approach to dentistry aims at promoting wellness and health. It combines both the scientific principles and knowledge obtained from great traditions about natural healing in the world. It is grounded on four basic principles namely avoidance and removal of toxins from dental equipment, proper nutrition to prevent and reverse degenerative dental disease, to prevent and treat dental malocclusion as well as utilize biological principles to prevent and cure gum disease.

In-depth analysis of how oral health is related to overall health

Numerous researches that have been conducted on this matter have proven that there is a correlation between oral health and overall health. To start with, the oral cavity is the entry point of various microbial infections that enter the bloodstream. Oral health can single out the existence of, become a risk factor for or aggravate the effects of illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. People suffering from periodontal diseases have a hard time keeping their blood sugar in check. The first signs of HIV can appear in the mouth. Over 90% of Americans who are diabetic have gum disease.

Poor oral health causes depression and other social problems like low self-esteem and lack of intimacy. People with respiratory infections have more difficulty breathing when oral health is jeopardized. Cases of low birth rate and premature births have also been connected to gum disease.


Holistic dentistry is believed to have numerous benefits for patients. These include:

  1. Comprehensive treatment for dental issues; holistic dentistry treatment is the overall treatment of health issues associated with dental issues. Therefore, dentists who practice this form of treatment can treat undiagnosed or untreated illnesses that went untreated for years because conventional doctors could not find a cause or treatment for the problem. In essence, this treatment cares for your teeth, underlying bone and gums as well as the entire body. It encompasses many health issues such as mood disorders, chronic fatigue, and sinusitis.
  2. Reversing toxic treatments in the past; some dentists use poisonous mercury while doing root canal fillings. This can result in dire complications and poisoning since it affects the immune and central nervous systems. The effects can go unnoticed because they appear in symptoms in different parts of the body. Holistic dentistry gets rid of the old amalgam fillings and substitutes them with a safer and more natural filling that is devoid of mercury and toxin.
  3. Use of toxic free materials; the silver-like amalgam that is normally used to fill teeth has a big portion of mercury components which can easily find their way into the bloodstream. Holistic dentistry makes use of safe materials in performing all restorative dental procedures such as amalgam-free and metal-free dental fillings. The resin used in the fillings is also BPA free, and the use of digital radiography for performing x-rays ensures that the patient is exposed to less radiation than in traditional x-rays. Moreover, each treatment is simple and non-invasive with the ultimate aim of restoring and enhancing your smile. Therefore, it is preferable for people who fear to go to a dentist’s office.
  4. Holistic dentistry evaluates options; unlike traditional dentistry that usually opts to use quick fixes to solve dental issues, holistic treatment chooses the best treatment for your overall health.

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